? Merry Christmas Trees - Real trees for a real merry Christmas - since 2009


Our online booking system is currently switched off. For any inquiries, please contact us via email on info@merrychristmastrees.com.au

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About us

Merry Christmas Trees supplies real Christmas trees to the beautifull Sunshine Coast since 2009.

Christmas is the special time of the year and the Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of it. In Merry Christmas Trees, we strongly believe in the custom of erecting a real tree, since the plastic alternative just doesn't work for us. If you never tried a real tree before, we would like to warn you, because once you go real, you will never go back to plastic. We don't say it's hassle free, because the real tree does drop some needles, but the scent of the tree, which will fill up your house will create unforgetable atmosphere, which the plastic tree simply can't do.